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In addition to Maravich, Mount, and Murphy plus Austin Carr and Louie Dampier some other scoring guards from the pre-3 point era I would list these hoopsters. These guys were not afraid to shoot and could have pumped their collegiate averages even more with a 3 point line.

No rankings, just listed them alphabetically for the sake of a list. I am sure there are dozens more candidates not listed, but consider this a start.

Dave Bing - Syracuse
Doug Collins - Illinois St.
Ernie DiGregorio - Providence
Larry Finch - Memphis St.
Phil Ford - North Carolina
Robin Freeman - Ohio State
Richie Fuqua - Oral Roberts
Gail Goodrich - UCLA
Darrell Griffith - Louisville
Butch Komives - BG
Bo Lamar - SW Louisiana
Cazzie Russell - Michigan
Fly Williams - Austin Peay.

Since I ended my list with the Legendary James "Fly" Williams I'll close with a two part trivia question involving Fly Williams. Anybody wanting to take a stab at these 2 Fly Williams questions feel free and use Google or any other reference source, no restrictions apply.

1. In the 1973/74 season the 3 leading scorers in the country were Larry Fogle-Canisius, Bruce "Sky" King-Pan American, and Fly Williams-Austin Peay.
What was the common denominator for these 3 players ?

2. What was the famous or infamous cheer from the Austin Peay fans whenever Fly Williams had the ball in a close game ?

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