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Originally Posted by sa68ag View Post
Thanks for the report. It's definitely a different perspective thinking of the largest classification beginning with an enrollment of only 400 students and only having nine schools in that classification.
Unlike North Dakota, South Dakota does seem to have a drain on larger teams. Even Wyoming that has 66 high school football teams (Thunder Basin just opened in Gillette as their second high school). But, South Dakota has just a couple of noteworthy towns/cities, and the rest are small dots spread across the map.

I would seem kind of fun to see average kids playing as opposed to what you see with the huge schools in Texas.
Seeing games in the upper midwest, it is an interesting change of pace. The games mean more for the competing towns. The crowds are small but really into it. The players might not be the best given the small schools they come from, yet they're generally well disciplined and coached and at least do the fundamentals well even if they might not be the biggest or fastest.

For 11AAA, it is interesting that it's almost always two of the five Sioux Falls area teams (Washington, Lincoln, and Roosevelt along with private school O'Gorman, and Brandon Valley just east of the city.

It's interesting that there's very few private schools in the state. There's actually a few reservation school teams as well.

I was going to write a report on the Minnesota games. But, there wasn't too much noteworthy about it. Though I will write a small recap for them, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Texas before I write my annual recap. Probably sometime in early January.
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