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Originally Posted by vamp2syd View Post
I agree, this whole CB thing and how they figure it is dumb.

A team gets 6 transfers in who all graduated what this years team gets moved up a division because of it....

First off, divisions are made up of enrollment size not roster size so the CB totals should include every student that attends that school in 9th to 11th regardless if they play a sport or not.

It would not be that hard to figure out these numbers during the current school season. The numbers could be gathered within the first few weeks of school and division/regional assignments could be done by the end of week 3.
They start with enrollment size and then they add in CB specific to the sport. This way football isn't getting penalized for basketball transfers and vice versa. They don't care about the tuba player or math wiz that transferred in. Just the athletes in those sports.

This was put in place to stop non D1 schools (can't move them up) from transferring in studs to win state titles in the lower divisions. It's an attempt to keep all star teams from forming.
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