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Originally Posted by Carl Rick View Post
bcounty...HHS and Van Winkle.
He came into the GMC at Lakota West after leaving Ross. A West district Youth coach said he played a really great zone defense at Ross. Never really saw that at West. He did inherit some very talented players and it seemed to me he let them do whatever they wanted with some success. He goes to Hamilton, again inherits some really good players. Same let them go and results as West, nothing special. I go to a number of GMC and GCL games. If you go see Elder, LaSalle, Moeller, Mason, Oak Hills, and East they have a style of play and certain areas they always do well. My question to you is what does Hamilton do well under VW? I've never witnessed anything consistent under him with his teams. I am very curious if any Hamilton fans can answer that.
Well this will be another big test for him then! Because it appears he has some talent again.
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