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Originally Posted by lchsman View Post
Was hoping Chicone would go to Lake. Iím sure it has more to do with Krizancic than anything else. Youíve a kid with that much talent, I would want him being coached by the best.
I feel like coaching couldn't have been the primary reason. One reason is that his uncle is the coach at Lake. Unless of course the family feels like he could get further being away from family coaching him in varsity. Second, who knows how long Krizancic will be there. Considering he was thinking about stepping down in 2013 or 2014, I would be pleasantly surprised if Krizancic is there for all four years of Chicone. Maybe Krizancic told the Chicone family he will be there for four more years?

Luke has played with the Mentor boys for all of these years. My hunch is that the comradery and talent among his peers is a big part of the reason for staying in Mentor. The sophomore class at Lake is probably more talented than Mentor, which is why I thought it might be a temptation to go to Lake. Frazier, Eller, and Chicone in a couple years would be a formative trio. Maybe the Frazier kid playing PG (Chicone's position I'm guessing) was a factor too?
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