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Originally Posted by Purplemojo View Post
JTK: Just curious, what happens next with OH football? I don't know Kyle but I know some of his family. Do you foresee any changes?
i think kyle is doing the right things, just not the horses to be competitive. i really felt sorry for woycke this season. he's a really good qb, but not many options out there for him, and the defense was pretty bad. he's only been there for 2 seasons so he needs time.

i agree with SW about the lost kids and the transfers in being about equal in numbers. i know that the talent level isn't equal though. the kids OH gets from the parochials isn't near the talent they lose to the parochials. 2 of LS starting LB's are OH feeder kids, maybe they weren't planning to go to OH, and thats where the staff needs to sell to these kids and get them to buy in. (recruit, if thats what you want to call it)

i did hear that youth football is going to go back to one team? not sure if thats correct, but Little Highlanders is going to handle youth football again. if that happens and they only care about making the 6th grade super bowl and not developing the kids for high school then it won't matter.

i think the divide in youth football pissed off a lot of people over the years and they now seek parochial as a high school option, that needs to be reversed. one of the parents who started OHYA football sends his son to lasalle???????

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