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Just saw a facebook post by Scott Fry. Fastest 1500 meter runners in Ohio history. He was going by memory so I double checked his stats just to make sure he was correct and he was, almost. He was one second off on one guy and 2 seconds on another. Pretty good memory! Here are the findings:

Rob Myers 3:34.89 run in 2005
Corey Leslie 3:34.93 run in 2013
Jeff See 3:35.21 run in 2012
Dave Wottle 3:36.2 Hand Time run in 1973
Colby Alexander 3:36.56 run in 2015

Current formula for conversion to mile is:
1500 in seconds x 1.08

Based on that formula here are their mile times:

Rob Myers 3:52.08
Corey Leslie 3:52.12
Jeff See 3:52.43
Dave Wottle 3:53.76
Colby Alexander 3:53.88

Tom Byers definitely deserves a mention. Although his fastest 1500 time was "only" 3:37.5 (HT), he ran a mile in 3:50.84. That is the fastest mile in Ohio history for an Ohio native and I believe he's the 11th fastest miler in U.S. history.
Colby Alexander just became the fastest 1500 runner in the history of Ohio last night when he ran 3:34.88 to defeat an All-Star field that included three 2016 Olympians. The meet was the first meet in a series of pro, team scored meets called the Track Town Summer Series. This inaugural meet was held at Hayward Field. It was shown live on ESPN.

Here is the link to the race. The men's 1500 is at the 2 hour and 5 minute mark.

Full Results;
Colby Alexander 3:34.88 (PR)
David Torrence 3:34.95 (2016 1500 Olympian, Peru)
Ben Blankenship 3:35.02 (PR) (2016 1500 Olympian U.S.)
Kyle Merber 3:35.83
Eric Jenkins 3:35.94 (PR)
Johnny Gregorek 3:36.04 (PR)
Robby Andrews 3:37.19 (2016 1500 Olympian U.S.)
Ryan Hill 3:40.19
Eric Avila 3:45.90
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