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This is the saddest thing about college sports. And don't feel to badly for most of these guys, they normally get big payouts because they negotiate contracts that extend them 2-3-4 years or more. Darrell Hazel, let go this weekend by Purdue, will be paid the rest of this season and all of next season.

My issue with this is that this is college sports, not pro sports. There should be a component of college coaching that includes recruiting the right kids to college, and seeing those kids graduate, not just wins and losses.
It's sad when you hear the graduation rates of today's student athletes, and even more sad when you see what many are doing 4-5 years from graduation.

Fact, Purdue's never going to win. Include Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Northwestern, Rutgers and Maryland. There is a large and widening gap in the Big ten where Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State and Wisconsin rule. The types of players Ohio State gets, as opposed to the kids Indiana and Purdue recruit are night and day. Sure occasionally an Iowa, or Nebraska will be good for a season or two, but not in the upper echelon of the nation. There are pretty mediocre big ten teams that win 9 games a season because there are enough bad teams in the league that it just works out that way.