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Originally Posted by eastside_purple View Post
The thought process would be admin feels they have an excess of starting pitching and a need for quality position players, therefore deal an attractive young pitcher for position hitting that is lacking in the organization.
I don't dispute your logic, but if "admin" thinks we have an excess of SP, "admin" would be wrong.

We have an excess of "admin". Check this out:

Here are the job titles just on the Executive Team payroll. Lots of these folks probably with higher salaries than the rookie minimum:
President and Chief Executive Officer
Vice Chairman and Treasurer
President of Baseball Operations
Senior Vice President, General Manager
Executive Assistant to the General Manager
Chief Operating Officer
Executive Operations Manager to the COO
Senior Vice President of Finance and CFO
Chief Legal Counsel
Assistant to General Counsel and CFO
Senior Advisor to the President and Chief Executive Officer

This is more about ego-stroking than efficiently running an organization. Lets save some money there!

It would be interesting to see the "special advisors" and "special assistants" in Spring Training. I bet one or two could make this roster. Morgan, Soto, Larkin, Cairo, Davis... And Pinella could manage.