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Originally Posted by 14Red View Post
Oh, so what is really the point of having the Most Valuable PLAYER, when you're going to use team accomplishments as the barometer?? Shouldn't all the Cubs get the awards then??

Look, my single point, which many of you keep seem to miss, is that SUPPOSEDLY...the MVP goes to a player that was on a good team. At least that's what y'all told me when the NL Award was given to Bryant.

But...then the AL gives it to Trout, who's Angles won 6 more games than the Reds this season. If Trout had incredible stats, I'd understand, but Votto and Trout's stats are very, very, very similar.

So please don't give me the garbage that the MVP goes to a player on a winning team, obviously in the AL, the writers used a different metric.
No one said that. Everyone said that is part of the reason. Stop being a moronic dumbazz.
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