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Originally Posted by WGH MAN View Post
Yes 3 playoff appearances. 2 of which were because and only because of Lynn Bowden, I think 90% of people would agree with that. Plus if you followed WGH as I do for the last 50 yrs, both of those team should have gone much farther and 1 of them could have won a State Championship aside from some questionable coaching decisions in crunch time where Arnold choked big time!

Please don't ever, ever, put Arnold in the same sentence as Thom McDaniels!!!
That would be like putting Tim Tebow with Joe Montana.
As I said... say what you want about the how's or why's and what your opinion is. You would probably say 2012 only made it because of Jeff Bayuk and that's fine too. He's taken 3 WGH teams to the playoffs as Head Coach. That fact has put him in the same sentence because only 1 other WGH coach has taken more teams to the playoffs. You asked why he hasn't been fired yet, right? How do you think he got the job? Because of the connections he has created. Not to mention the great leadership, discipline, and role model he has brought and been for his players that goes beyond wins and losses. Steve is a Warren guy. The other coaches you point to weren't Warren guys and there's a big difference there.

Every coach has been questioned. Remember when McD was questioned for not giving Clarett the ball inside the 10 yard line vs. St. Ignatius in 2001? Remember the losing season McD had as Head Coach in 2005 when he had around 5 D1 recruits? Since you have followed WGH football for the last 50 years you would know that. I can read all your rips on Arnold and the same things were said 10-15 years ago too about McD.
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