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Originally Posted by Summa View Post
There are some absolutely amazing Catholic high school campuses out west. And I mean campuses. These schools are like college campuses not high schools. Bishop Gorman in Las Vegas and Catheral High School in San Diego come to mind. There are no schools in Ohio, public or private, that come anywhere near these campuses. I guess St. Xavier or on a smaller scale Gilmour maybe. St. Ignatius probably would if it had more land to work with.
There are some really cool set-ups out there. In Ohio, WRA would be tops, in my opinion, but boarding schools are a different genre. I think the nicest day school (that I have been to) would be University School. In fact, I think US would be on par with just about any other campus setting you could name. As far as Ohio Catholic schools, I think you named the top 3 contenders - Ignatius, Xavier and Gilmour. St. Charles is pretty nice, as well.
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