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Originally Posted by Summa View Post
I can't see how Hoban would ever be a bad idea. It is an outstanding school with plenty of funding that will keep it stable for a long, long time. It greatly depends on what happens here. If Aquinas is still open they go to Aquinas, if number 2 happens and both Aquinas and Central are closed and a new school is opened at one of the former sites and the histories of the schools are maintained and preserved they very well may go to that new school. If number 3 happens they will definitely be going to the newly constructed Catholic high school in Stark County. If they have to go to Hoban at least they will still be Knights!
I was not meaning to imply that Hoban was a bad idea. I was asking whether it was a bad idea to locate a school so near 77 and so far north that we are, for all intents and purposes, would be sitting within spitting distance of Hoban - an established school that, as you said, has a large enrollment, pretty nice older facilities and some really nice new additions and gives the impression of financial stability.
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