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Originally Posted by CoventryTrackXCguy View Post
Kent used to be better in the past, I'm not sure what happened to them. Football was respectable once upon a time, I think they used to be good at basketball. I dunno, they seem to have had trouble ever since they left the ptc, for the suburban. It seems to me that Kent Roosevelt has far bigger problems then private schools poaching their talent. I mean, look at Green. Hoban and SVSM get all kinds of students and athletes from them. And yet in spite of it, Green's football team is holding its own...and getting better in the Fed, I think they knocked off a respectable Glen Oak team. And Greens basketball program has been pretty good as well, they held on pretty good against Hoban. Seems to me that kids are leaving Kent for a reason, and I'm not sure if I blame them.
You hit it on the nail. Why are they leaving is the question that roughridersports needs to answer.