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Originally Posted by madman View Post
Just looking at times, I would guess conditions were very similar to the State Championships, ~15 seconds slower than a typical "fast" course.
The course was soft, but not sloppy or slick. Very little breeze. Mist, to intermittent light rain from about 10AM on... cooler than the State Meet (D1 race).

The course seems to drain well, maybe because it was built on reclamation lands. The start/finish "plateau" held some water in low spots, but course management folks did a nice job minimizing any trouble. It was surprising to see a large blower drying a softer area on Saturday... kitty litter in the same area helped on race day.

15 seconds is not unreasonable. Past experience in good conditions would put the course at maybe 5+ sec slower than NTR.

For some reason, the course runs much better than you might expect at first sight... it seems more intimidating when looking down from on top. The rolling inner loops seem to allow brief recoveries to ease the climb back to the top.

As always, a great season-ending experience to race at Lavern Gibson!
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