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Originally Posted by yj_runfan View Post
Not if Horter's coach tells him to slow down so they can reduce their 1-7 split.
Back to that.....this isn't the East team that was 5th at State during Horter's freshman year. It doesn't even appear to be the team that qualified to State last year. You're right, he could do that but it looks like with the team that he has now, and running against top runners like Matt Scrape, Arjun Jha, Conant Smith, or others, there is no way he could come back to win and the benefit to the team would be negligible. (I'm not sure if you're suggesting that he should or if you think the idea is silly).

I don't think that the idea of having a top runner slow down to help a team is that outrageous. I do, though, believe that a runner needs to be on the right team for it to be beneficial. It was clear that some of the comments in the thread where this was discussed ad nauseam were directed at Horter and his coach. In his case though, and with his current team, I don't see the point. I do question how fast he has been running this season. Running sub-15 in August seems crazy to me. Other top runners around the state, Scrape, Conant Smith, Chad Johnson, Arjun Jha, and others, also seem that they're running faster at this point in the season compared to last year. I just don't see how Horter can continue to pound out the pace he has been without getting injured or peaking at the wrong time.
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