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Mom & Dad Evict 30-YR Old Son


Michael Rotondo has been living at his parents' house without paying rent for eight years.
•His parents, Christina and Mark Rotondo, want their 30-year-old son out.
•Christina and Mark have repeatedly asked Michael to move out — but he refuses.
•They took their eviction case to the Onondaga County Supreme Court.
•In court on Tuesday, a judge ordered Michael to move out.

Michael Rotondo, 30, has been living at his parents' place in Camillus, New York, without paying rent. But now they want him out.

Christina and Mark Rotondo repeatedly asked Michael to move out of their house — but claim he has refused to do so. Now, Christina and Mark are now seeking legal action in the case of their son's eviction.

The process began on February 2, 2018, when Mark penned a letter to Michael telling him to move out, according to

(repeated attempts to get him to move out have failed)

- - - -

I would have picked a time when he was gone and...
a: moved his stuff into a rented storeage locker
b: chaged all the locks on the house
c: handed him the key to the storage locker when he came knocking.



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