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Originally Posted by smokingbrewmaster View Post
Stories like this really make the catholic CYO programs shine.

What a complete classless way to notify the parents, using the old email.

So the people who run this program are using the other 7 families money to cut their expenses into tournaments.
That's what it sounds like. Parents pay. Each kid should = 1 Tourney

19 Tourneys isn't realistic. But when you split it up into 2 teams it works out. I've also heard " You can't have 2 teams from one school" I don't really believe this. Why would you turn down the money? That's money at the door, concession, and entry fee. Plus another team.

My take if you want to put together your best players and see where they stand at that age group. Go AAU where you aren't limited to 2 per team yet. As far as anything school affiliated - You should keep any and all interested as long as possible.
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