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Originally Posted by HistoryTeacher View Post
Is the interim coach staying at Waynesville? Is Philpot coming back? What is going on down there? I can not imagine that he will keep his position as Head Coach or AD after the negative press that he has provided the school does he?
Philpot is not coming back- that is the word. The attached article was within the last couple weeks that states he isn't returning, and that Waynesville is looking in a different direction.

They were down in talent this year for sure, but with all due respect- they had enough talent to win one game. And certainly enough talent to keep the score close- but that was rarely the case. If you watched one of their games- they looked physically small, slow, confused, lazy, unmotivated.....and add to that the lack of game preparation and planning on the coaches part- they were doomed. They never made an adjustment offensively or defensively!

With that being said, what direction they will go is about tight lip as I have seen. Rumors have surfaced that the intern coach will be promoted to head coach- and he will bring one coach back with him for next season. Word from the players were that the coaches didn't get along, and often argued in front of them. Matter of fact, one coach stated that their coaches meetings were a finger pointing nightmare- each coach blaming the other. Which makes sense why the team never seemed prepared. Hopefully- if the intern coach is promoted as the rumor has it- he will surround himself with coaches that support him and the players.

As for what they have to work with coming back next year offensively:
-Two very capable QB's (Bloom and Carmichael)- rumors of one leaving are false
-Majority of their line (4 of 5 starters return) Pyburn, Shaffer, Duncan, Little
-Experienced receivers: Blankenship, Butterball,
- Running backs: Daniels and Marshall
- And their most dynamic playmaker this season- Collins
So offensively they should be much improved- which I would be hard pressed to say that it could possibly be worse than what we saw this year

Defensively, they lost a lot. But honestly, the defense was atrocious anyway. So, even new starters can't be any worse than what was on the field last season.

A very talented group of incoming freshman who are accustomed to winning will be interesting. I see two, maybe three of them battling for starting positions from day one( Bloom, Amburgy, and Osborn). Bloom and Amburgy can really move- I can definitely see them on special teams, and possibly seeing a lot of time on defense. Osborn dominated both sides of the ball- we will have to see if he gets stronger, but I see him rotating early- especially defensive line.

I see the team being improved overall- maybe 4-5 wins. But its the following year that they get much better. We will wait and see.
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