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Originally Posted by 2731 View Post
I dunno man. I've seen a lot of club games. If you put the ball in play while a player is laying on the ground it means you want to play. Normally when an injury is recognized the ball is played out and the ref doesn't have to stop the game.

Unless there is an attack happening right over the injury that is.

You say Mason should have played it out. LWs keeper had the ball in his hands and knew there was an injury. LW puts the ball in play instead.

That said. It's a dumb rule.

Also the ref expected a high school team to make a 70 yard back pass? Sounds more like he wanted out of the conversation.
You can't possibly put this on LW's Keeper. He looked for the Ref to stop play, or recognize the Offside flag, or bottom line DO HIS JOB!!!! It was Mason's player down for God's sake, why would they continue play once in possession? IMO unsporting play by Mason, but Karma is a female dog.
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