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Originally Posted by CincyIllinifan View Post
Well, I was with you up until this last post. Now you're insinuating that Mason took advantage and didn't do the "right" thing, while LW would have. Not sure that's an accurate or fair assumption.

I think it's fairly obvious that Mason is not as strong this season. They have played a difficult schedule, but they've been struggling big time offensively. It's also amazing to me that Mason has only played one of their seven games at home, and that was the loss to Moeller.
Refer to Steelboot's would've been the right thing to do and I got feedback from a player as to how he thinks LW would've handled it....just an opinion but I think the Mason coach displayed an adjective quality that rhymes with his name in this particular situation.

As for Mason, they're going to be just fine as they played very well during the second half...just should've ended in a tie.
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