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Another good win for the Tribe last night, 4-3 over the Stros in a nailbiter. Cleveland wins 2-of-3 in a playoff preview. Notice I didn't say "probable." Trust me, folks. The Indians and Astros will meet again this October with the American League pennant on the line. The Tribe certainly caught a break with the injuries to Jose Altuve and George Springer. But hey, you gotta play 'em no matter who is in the lineup.

Indians couldn't get a clutch base hit last night, so they relied on the longball. Dingers by Encarnacion and Almonte kept it close while starter Corey Kluber went through a rough stretch in the early innings. Kluber found his stuff in the middle innings and Francisco Lindor struck the coup de grace, a two-run bomb in the seventh that traveled over 450 feet. Brian Shaw and Cody Allen kept Houston at bay the last two innings.

See that? I ripped Almonte yesterday and he hits the HR and saves Kluber's bacon with a big first-inning catch with the bases loaded. I've complained about Gomes' poor hitting; now he's got his average up to .200 and he's even drawing walks, something he never did before even when he was going well.

I might have to start saying bad things about Encarnacion, Santana, Kipnis... My God!! Motivation by criticism. Now I know what it's like to be Brian.
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