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Originally Posted by cabezadecaballo View Post
We are now last in the Central at 4-6.
They'll be back in first by the end of April. And they'll stay there the rest of the season.

The hitters who have struggled seem, for the most part, to be coming around. Encarnacion is starting to drive the ball again. Previously, all he'd done was kill rallies and leave beaucoup runners on base. If he'd only come through with a big hit here or there, the Tribe would have scored a lot more runs and won 2 or 3 more games.

Last night's win was big, because Tomlin showed signs of coming around. He still wasn't great, but he rallied after a tough first inning and when he allowed baserunners, he kept the damage to a minimum.

The struggles by Tomlin and Trevor Bauer have contributed as much to the Tribe's slow start as the stale offense. Bauer has had a couple of starts in which he pitched well the first two times around the opponent's lineup, but came unglued about the fifth or sixth inning. I don't think he's that far away from finding himself. It's not like he's terrible from the first inning on.

Gomes at catcher is another concern. He finally had two hits the other night off Phil Hughes. That may have pushed his average to .100. One-freaking-hundred. Right now, he needs to go on a major tear just to reach the Mendoza Line. His defense has been very good. But Gomes is a completely different hitter from the guy who won a Silver Slugger award a couple of years ago. I doubt we'll ever see him hit like that again. The front office needs to start thinking about pulling the plug on Gomes as the everyday catcher.

The problem is that Roberto Perez hasn't hit much better. The Indians might need to concede that they're not going to get any production out of their catchers, and just appreciate their defense and pitch-calling. Gomes and Perez are holding the catching job until Francisco Mejia is ready, which should be next year.

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