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Originally Posted by member1 View Post
Hoban is the best team in the state regardless of Division. I think they beat PC soundly and Trotwood soundly. Winton Woods is a heck of a football team. Hoban handled them. Their ability to load up with depth and skill is reminiscent of the larger Catholics the past 20 or so years. They are the new private juggernaut. OHSAA should seriously considered moving them up to DI but I think there is a provision in competitive balance that prevents a team from moving up more than 1 division. Otherwise I believe they would have been playing for and winning the big school title last weekend.

Trotwood is #2
Winton Woods is number #3
PC #4
Mentor #5

I will stop right there..
I agree 100% Trotwood is number 2 but I know they would have loved to play Hoban.
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