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Originally Posted by clarkgriswold View Post
That was my point- that TM is being unfairly judged by many based upon one game.
Kind of like Pick Central being judged based upon one game in September? From reading this thread I see that itís okay for TM to have an off night but not Pick Central.

Donít get me wrong... Trotwood was great. I rooted for them all season after they beat my Tigers. I was very impressed with them that night and I think you can make an argument that they are the best team in the state regardless of division. But the Pick Central team in September was not half as good as the one in November and December. Centralís offense took almost all year to get going...heck we struggled to score on Lancaster and frankly did not look that good against an 0-10 Groveport. Things started clicking late in the year and we averaged 42 points a game against playoff caliber competition.

Maybe Trotwood and Hoban would beat Central if they played today, but theyíd have to score in the 40s to do it. Pick North (who blew out Olentangy Liberty Wayne, and Centerville) only scored 35 points combined in 2 games vs Central. 28 of the 52 points Central gave up to Northmont and Bradley came against our JVs late in the 4th Quarter. And Central beat Colerain and Mentor both by 14+.

Thatís a pretty impressive resume...
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