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Originally Posted by Termite2 View Post
American ideals?
The only Wilsonian ideal he admired was the one that supported his movement to create an independent Indochina
Ho wasn't looking for communism? of course he was.
Vietnam embraced some capitalism ONLY after Ho died.
Vietnam and the dominoes were all on Wilson? kind of ignores France and Britain, not to mention American isolationism, he couldn't even get Congress to join the League of Nations.France and Britain made the decisions, not the US, which they considered a second rate power.
I think the book disputes you. His preference was AMERICAN POLITICAL IDEALs, his best given option was communism. Wilson could have changed that so yes, acknowledging those other components you mentioned, dominoes don't fall if the first one isn't pushed. Wilson could have stopped that.

Vietnam would have been an ally at least as strong as Philipines, a Spanish colony oddley enough to have reasonable stability and success even given it's horrific geographics.

Mr. Logevall, in a recent interview with Jeff Glor of CBS, said that Ho “saw communism as the best path of development for his country, but it was always his country.” Independence from Japanese invaders and French colonialists was his original intent, highest priority and enduring goal.
“Ho emerges as an unexpected hero in this balanced book, first seen trying to buttonhole Woodrow Wilson at the Paris peace conference of 1919,” says a new review in The Economist.
“But gradually he and his fellow North Vietnamese were viewed as agents of international communism, not admirable rebels against colonialism.

Mr. Logevall bemoans the fact that Ho’s admiration for American political ideals and French culture did not lead to a life-sparing compromise.”
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