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Originally Posted by mcm.1019 View Post
My wife walked into the room during one of the Nixon episodes and asked me if it was any good, and I went on a 30-second tirade where I don't think I even took a breathe. It's beyond my comprehension how our Presidents could admit defeat in private, yet continue to send more and more soldiers to die. I'm tempted to call my uncle and see if he would be interested in talking about his experiences, but I certainly don't want to upset him. East Youngstown, it's incredible that 5 brothers from the same family all made it back alive!
It does sound astounding until you break down the numbers. 9,087,000 military personnel served in Vietnam in some capacity. There were 58,220 deaths attributed to the war. So the casualty rate was somewhere around .06%. That being said, My older brother had 2 kids from his HS football killed in action. I'm old enough to have actually watched the draft lottery. My birthdate was in the 300's. I learned quite a bit from watching it. The behind the scenes stuff in the WH was very disturbing.
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