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Originally Posted by thereckoning View Post
Exactly. Smaller schools are still fielding teams. Even if these schools don't eat and breath football, there are still teams at these schools because kids are learning it from a young age.

And if you look at the numbers, the school that has midget football (DSJ) has had some of the highest levels of success over the years in the MAC. Parkway could follow suit with the proper coaching from the bottom up.

But, as you so eloquently pointed out, and I was trying to portray, over 50% of the kids that come out for football at MAC schools (without peewee) in Jr High are quitting. Why is that? Is it because the learning curve is drastically reduced because these kids don't learn football until they are teens? Is it because kids don't want to grind every morning in the summer to catch up and get ahead? Are these kids run off? Are these kids not good enough?

I'm not sure. What I do recognize is that midget football has been entrench in and a large tradition in Ohio schools that have been powerhouses for decades. Not two decades. Multiple decades.

Again. I understand the thought process. Some don't want youth hurt. The system is working. I get it. However, the success rate at which these kids are moving on from youth to Jr. High to High School seems to be much larger with peewee than without.
I think alot of these kids in junior high dream of playing for Ohio State or the NFL but when it comes working hard and dedicating yourself to play, they don't want to put forth the effort. The smaller kids unless they are fast will not play as much or sit the bench. Winning high school teams bring alot hopeful players as recruit. No one wants to play for a loser. It's a catch-22 for Parkway, unless they start winning they will not have more players. If any of the other schools in the MAC were in the position that Parkway is in, they would be having the same problems.
Of the 60-70 players, how many see the field? 40-50 tops and that may be generous considering alot of players play both offense and defense. The rest are happy to join the bandwagon in the playoffs or state.
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