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Pop Warner Football began in 1929. It enlisted young teens to play football and stay out of trouble. By the 1950s, it began "midget" football. Many small towns in the nation also adopted midget or peewee football from that time on (some were pop warner). Ohio was a large hotbed for midget style football then and the tradition continues today.

Most towns that you see have youth football continue on from peewee to HS at a 80%-90% clip (pure educated guess as asked). Very few get "burnt out" on playing. Some quit playing but lets face it. That happens in 7th, 8th, etc. as well. No matter when you start it, as with any sport, the numbers dwindle from Jr High to High School.

If I am reading correctly, MAC schools are pumping out 60-70 Jr High players but only rostering 60-70 players in HS. This tends to give me the notion that half of all players that go out in Jr High are still around in HS. Therefore, one could make the argument that it is better to weed out at the elementary level than the Jr High/HS level.

While the MAC's recent success cannot be denied, one can point to Blue Jay Fan as his school contributed to the start and continuation of that success on a high level. Coldwater, Versailles, ML, SH, and Minster (maybe others I'm missing) have also had success, but one can also many of these kids played at the peewee level either in pads or flag football? How many went to Celina to play peewee? How many went to Lima or Wapak? Regardless of thoughts on peewee or midget in general, isn't there more kids quitting at MAC schools (take StateChamp's numbers) that don't have peewee than kids that are quitting at MAC schools that have peewee (take Blue Jay Fan's numbers) in and after Jr High?

If more kids are quitting when starting later, then the major thing holding these teams together at a high level is good genetics, great coaching, and a great system. If any of these break, the value of midget football then becomes priceless for the continuation of a program. Food for thought.
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