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Yes I mentioned Gahanna and Olentangy only because they are talented teams and good programs at this time so scheduling a powerhouse in week three is may be not the best choice especially since they are in the same region and seem to play them every other year in the play-offs.

OCC teams in 6 team conferences do NOT have the power to schedule their own week 4 and 5 OCC crossover opponents.

Next year those two week 4 and 5 teams change . I don't know wo the kid in question is at HD so I haven't commented on it , but I do know I found it strange that their program was missing a few kids and numbers on their web site and or kids had different numbers than listed , had never seen that before, .

I have no problem with a kid moving in and or transferring to be honest , IT HAPPENS , WOUDL Gahanna BE THE SAME TEAM without Lowery at QB and now Bruckener to throw to next year? NO , Should I assume there was not a peep said between Lowery's father who used to play at Wisconsin and coach Ward before young Mike step foot on the Gahanna campus ? Of course not he just showed up unannounced LOL .

Didn't see any great Davidson players save Royer and Backenstoe may be and I know they were Hilliard kids for a long while , but I have an idea on who Big papi might be talking about but again , I thin it to be not a big deal just like the Crabtree thing was a whole lot about nothing and he wasn't even remotely " RECRUITING THIS KID" and I am sure Davidso didn't do anything to actively recruit the kid BEOFRE the kid expressed interest.

In Coffman's case , the kid was a long shot to move across the river and wasn't going to Scioto because he will never play QB there as there are better kids there as there is at Coffman as well , so he is at DeSales, and he is by al accounts a very good kid and I wish him well AT AN EXCELLENT DESALES PROGRAM.
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