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Three comments:

1) the only weeks that Coffman has influence over from a scheduling persepctive are weeks 1-3. Everythign else dictated by the OCC

2) This year is the hardest it has ever been to find opponents for weeks1-3. By far the most difficult. If I listed for you the programs who had an opening in week 3, but said 'no' to a home and home with Coffman, you would be shocked. It's amazing how few schools wish to play

3) HD had a very good player on their team last year who by the letter of the law - which is what got Crabtree suspended - was illegal in his transfer to HD and therefore should have been punished/suspended as well. I know for a fact the kid was attending workouts, in communication with BW loooong before he ever attended a day of school at HD, or left his previous school.

I by no means am suggesting HD is not a powerhouse program, and yes, they have multiple pieces of hardware to prove it, which Coffman does not. No argument here, and I strongly admire their program and its success. Love watching them play

However, i think every school, and its followers, should be careful claiming 'holier than though' when it comes to accepting transfers, move-ins, etc... lots of dirty laundry out there.
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