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Before , banging on Coffman's schedule take a look at what Davidson a team you respect which means little to anyone including them I am sure , has done with their first three weeks the last half dozen years ? Grovetucky every year ? Darby a team that they know as well as they do themselves ? look it up , it's not as good as Coffman's first three weeks schedule over the same time period .

Yes talking Schedule in this way opens this up to the trolls who say only negative things about the program and think everyone think s they way they do to mentioning Wayne of course , comments you can see from miles away even to the greener pastures of the great East Side , doesn't make them astute smart comments, just predictable biased trolly ones .

What it is besides may be financial envy that has you trolling Coffman is beyond me . The only reason I bring that up isn't because YOU bring up the topic of money at times when discussing any Coffman topic. Yes I know demo's in football mean more than just the racial make-up of schools { Coffman's 18 percent Asian Indian Population isn't a positive for instance when it comes to football , ACT scores YES football ? NO } is money and resources , no problem discussing demo dynamics , money being one of them. Coffman does have some financial advantages that some don't have , no question . You seem to bring that money thing up from time to time .

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