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Didn't say that I am a fan of it , would be fine with one or even NONE to be 100 percent honest .

Hardly the only district doing this , and colleges have had over a decade to adjust to some schools doing away with the classic class rank and or appointing or naming multiple valedictorians . Why are you concerned with what anyone " CALLS THEMSELVES"? or the colleges having to do a little homework?

They see the classes you take how you challenge yourself , your AP classes , your AP exam scores, your EXTRACIRRICULARS , character , your ACT and SAT scores , your essay etc, they have more than enough data to judge the qualifications of prospective students .

Not liking the way Dublin does it affects you and others how? Unfair advantage for Dublin kids? Really ? Gets then into schoos they don't deserve to get into does it?

Come on man , it's OK to simply not like a City school or anyone else for that matter but you claiming it's hindering kids is a reach , scholly money or merit aid and grants is given to top students based on many things mostly academic of course and , being a valedictorian is a SMALL distinction in that process seeing as it is so relative to where you attended high school and the number who achieve the distinction is tiny isn't it ?

Kids are feeling more pressure and are as competitive as ever at high performing high schools , not having a small handful furiously chasing that number one ranking eschewing any electives they may want t take so as to not hurt them being number one isn't lessening that at al IMO.

If you really think top students are being hurt by not being able to say they are number one , I totally disagree .
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