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Originally Posted by Harrycrane View Post

Glad to see you read EVERY one of my posts it seems , I don't look for you by the way EVEN WITH YOUR INCREDIBLE BREADTH OF WISDOM And though provoking and interesting material . I don't constantly refer to this , barely talked academics in 40 + pages on the Huddle in the 2015 Dublin Thread .

Not too hard to figure out the commonality between the guy on JJHuddle that talks about Coffman and writes in alternating ALL CAPS patterns with trailing punctuation and you.

Originally Posted by Harrycrane View Post

I am interested in your opinion on this ? Just to clue you in in many high schools kids purposefully take EASIER classes later on to hold on to their number one ranking , happsn all the time , may be just may be this is ONE of the reasons they don't want ths race to the top by going easy dynamic ? It certainly isn't because competition is frowned upon in this community that is for sure .
There is no way a kid can hold onto a number one individual class ranking if all they take are easy classes as long as another student with the same grades takes the advanced/honors/AP classes, assuming the harder classes are weighted.
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