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Originally Posted by Harrycrane View Post
So what is your lager point here Dick ? Not a good school ? Not really high performing ? what does that have to do with ratings scores and how well the kids are prepared to go to college ? And yet WHAT?

Explain what your post has anything to do with ? You do realize it is a highy rated achieving school how many valedictorians you designate doesn't change the high average AP exam scores the number of kids percentage wise take AP classes the average ACT scores and the caliber of schools many kids gfet into right? Waste of space .
I don't think anyone is necessarily questioning the quality of Dublin City Schools. It goes without saying they, Upper Arlington, and Olentangy are pretty solid districts. However, it seems a bit much to be constantly self-aggrandizing the schools. You constantly make a point of talking about how mighty Dublin's schools are on here and on the former JJHuddle message boards. We get it, you aren't telling us something we don't know: Dublin has good schools. They aren't the only district in Central Ohio that has good schools, but they are the only one that awards plenty of Valedictorian distinctions.
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