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Originally Posted by Jerry Maguire 910 View Post
You are correct. I only get sensitive over XU basketball because I care about them significantly more than any other Cincinnati team. You'll notice I'm not as sensitive in posts anywhere other than this forum.

And streaker brought UC "breezing" by X up so I take my chances on assuming he's a UC troll.

BTW, Jim L, it was quite the revelation seeing on the Elder board that you are FU. Should've known. I'm disappointed with myself on that one.
Don't mean to back track but figured I should address this. Contrary to your assumptions I actually AM a Xavier fan. I apologize for stepping on your toes there and offending you. From what I've watched, we've shot poorly, turned the ball over a lot, and played sloppy defense. I think we've looked bad so far, simply saying we've got work to do
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