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Originally Posted by Jim Behrens View Post
Not as much as you seem to think.
There are really several of things to be aware of.
In the pre-meet, one of the things we ask is "are all wrestlers properly dressed, equipped, and ready to wrestle?". When the coach answer that they are, that means they will be ready to wrestle when called.
When a wrestler reports to the table and walks on the mat, he must meet the requirements of the rule book. If we see a shoe that is not laced up properly, is not secured, or anything else, there is a TV called and he has 1 1/2 minutes of injury time to correct the problem.
Once wrestling starts we are told to make the assumption that the shoes were secured (because the coach said they were ready to go). If a shoe becomes un-tied, it is generally assumed that it was through the act of wrestling (just like a head gear that comes un-done). We stop the action when possible and instruct the wrestler to tied and double knot the laces. If it was to come un-tied a second time, it obviously was not secured and the TV plus injury time penalty comes into play.
All of this pre-supposes that we did not have a case where the wrestler un-tied the shoe or something like that. Perhaps that (or the wrestler was not ready to wrestle as in the first situation) is the reason they did not get the "freebie".
Also, if a shoe come off the foot of the wrestler it was not secured and the penalties come into play.
Hopefully that answers whatever you saw that you thought was not right/fair.
Thank you. That sounds fair, now to get all refs on the same page. I have seen several give up a point on the first time of them coming untied mid match. But you will always have those refs in any sport who interpret things differently. Hopefully that doesn't cost anyone an important match.
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