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Originally Posted by Jim Behrens View Post
You are correct in that there is NO requirement that the defending wrestler try to defend himself. They generally do try of course but there is no requirement as such.

As I tell kids in the pre-meet talk, if you take your opponent off the mat you are responsible for his safe return. There are no exceptions.

Think about the idea that the defensive wrestler twists in mid-air to avoid coming to the mat hard and in the process he breaks his arm in breaking the fall. The move might not have been a slam but the kid is still injured and out of the match. What if it is your kid?

No, an awkward landing defines nothing. I feel very safe in saying that a defending wrestler can not cause a slam by failing to take any action.
Again, if you take the opponent off the mat, you are responsible for his safe return.

Also keep in mind that an official does not have the advantage of slo-mo or replay. The rules say that a slam must be called without hesitation.
Thanks for the info. and clarification.

Had the action been called a slam, I would not have argued it (from either perspective). I do hate seeing the better guy DQ'd for a "slam" when it seemed unintentional and that the opponent could have avoided it by responding more conventionally. But I know judging intent, etc. is not part of the rule.

Thanks again.
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