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Originally Posted by lotr10 View Post
Based on the tactics they used against Alexandria I'm not surprised the "wolves" won't be around to long. Once you get past their over the top brutality, the "wolves" are nothing more then wild dogs easily put down. In fact if it wasn't for the self righteous Morgan the wolves would already be history.

BTW, I'm more interested to learn where Morgan got his screwed up philosophy then his stick skills. I'm hoping the story arc has him abandon his immoral "all life is precious" nonsense and get back to protecting the lives that matter (eg, people who are not preying on others but are actually trying to rebuild civilization). I liked the Morgan character and it's distracting what the writers have turned him into.
I'll be curious to find out if the entire group attacked or just some of them.

My thought of where he learned his skills could also be the same place and people he adapted his new philosophy. It's unlikely my thought is correct, if I knew more about the timing and how long Morgan was in the area they are now, I might feel a little better about it. I doubt I'm correct, but it would be a nice twist on the series from the comic. If the Morgan character is to remain in the show, he better change. His character was/is a bit different in the comic.
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