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Originally Posted by Yappi View Post
The things that I'm confused about the "Wolves" are, what is their purpose and how are they surviving?

It's almost like they are "pets" that are living at the will of a master. No way they could have survived this long and come together as a group without some unifying personality that takes care of their daily needs. The fact they don't have guns shows they are intellectually limited.
They've basically devolved into cavemen, with most of their humanity being sucked away.

Purpose? To become the only tribe remaining?

I agree, someone must be pulling the strings in the wolves group, because it's apparent as individuals they've devolved into animals.

The suburban city needs to have a much better defense system and it has to be taken seriously, like a forward operating base would be in the military. Otherwise, even the animals can do damage.

After the attack, you have to wonder how many people are left in the city. Seems to me they need for find new blood or else be eventually be overrun by some other group.
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