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Originally Posted by Mr.wrsln2 View Post
No lep shirts in my drawer.but i know a b.s move when i see
I too would be okay if Louisville were still in the league next year, but they are not, and I'm okay with that also. There may have been whiners who created a situation where something had to happened, and in the end Louisville ended up with the shaft.
But if the league had remained the same, the smaller teams would still have a hard time competing with the Leps in nearly any sport, not to mention a lot of them wouldn't be able to come up with freshmen or JV teams in certain sports, which would only p1ss off Louisville because they would think the league doesn't give them any competition(who could argue). They've been complaining for years about the lack of competition, even threatening to leave in the past, but never pulling the string to do so. If I were a Leps fan, I too would be ticked about getting the boot....but deep down I would be happy to move on.The real problem for Louisville is they seem to have an administration that can't get rid of the "deer in the headlights" look. 2 years have come and gone.
Wrestling was the one sport you could count on Louisville not being a threat. But now with a new coach who does a great job getting kids out and who obviously knows how to coach, the Leps have worked there way to the top. They have earned it and are to be commended. The future looks bright for Louisville wrestling no matter where they end up.
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