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1. Allowing weigh-outs after the first night of a two-day event. You can already do this in Ohio if you are inclined to do so.

2. Eliminating the random draw and returning to starting dual meets at the 106-pound weight class. Is this really an issue for people?

3. Mandating that all member high schools schedule at least four basic dual meets to revive local interest in high school wrestling. Not a fan of Big Brother telling me anything. of 7 kids should have dual meets to grow interest?

4. Allowing referees to wear gray-and-black stripe shirts during the regular season. people care about this one way or another? Which color is more slimming? I vote for that

5. Reducing the number of weight classes to an odd number and eliminating the tie-breaking procedure. I am not a fan of taking anything away....100% we won't get it back, but unfortunately I am leaning this way...too many weights currently.

6. Re-aligning the existing weight classes. Yes, but with a coaches panel working on this...not NHFS doing it themselves.

7. Setting different weight classes for sub-varsity wrestling. We already do kinda....lots of match ups with kids as close as we can get

8. Giving the referee the discretion to call an unsportsmanlike conduct call after a determined number of cautions, which could then cause a disqualification.

9. Reducing the number of weight classes for dual-meet competitions, while keeping the same number of weight classes for individual tournaments. Exclude kid in 1 event but allow in another no thanks

10. Adjusting the descent-rate portion of the weight certification program to allow wrestlers to weigh anywhere within the 1.5 percent per week descent rate.

Example: A wrestler who weighs 200 pounds on Saturday can weigh anywhere between 200 pounds and 197 pounds for the next week. This will prevent coaches from having to deal with the .1 and .01 of a pound as listed on the official weigh-in report.

11. To discourage forfeits and the practice of ducking competition during dual meets, requiring schools to submit rosters prior to a dual meet which could not be changed once submitted. Uhhhh Nope. injuries & sickness for 1. getting matchups to win the dual is another. If a team pulls the FF game on you when they weighed a kid in on you in duals...don't schedule them in future.
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