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Originally Posted by lc5397 View Post
A big chunk of Lake's defining players from the 80s and 90s came from schools that no longer exist or have been forced to merge with other schools.

In terms of education, I'm not sure Lake was ever "great". It was the school that middle class Catholic families sent their kids to from the 1970s into the 1990s. Middle to upper middle class. It was good. Not elite. The majority of students were going to local privates (JCU, BW), non-OSU publics (BG, OU, Miami) or doing Lakeland/CSU while living at home. And that worked when the tuition was lower.

My criticism of Catholic education in general has been the move to this "elitism". It's no longer about the rank and file Catholic family. It's about the highest test scores and what colleges you can get you kids into. Nothing wrong with that but it very much changes the cost dynamic of the education and the types of families you're appealing to. At $10k per year, I'm not sure many Catholic families making $75k a year are sending their kids to a Catholic school. And that's the bread and butter of who lives in Lake County. And even for the Catholic families that could afford, there's less kids in the pipeline due to the already discussed grade school closings.
Thank you for the well-written dialogue. Your entire post hits the nail on the head, not just for Lake or Hoban, but for the broader issues of Catholic education.

Your paragraph on the cost of Catholic education is incredibly correct. The middle class families don't send kids as much to Catholic schools. Doing some basic math, Catholic HS education has increased roughly 6% per year since when I graduated way too long ago. I found a website that tells me that general inflation in the same time frame is 2.7%. Take that 3+% per year over a few decades and the gap widens a bunch.

Kids feel the "need" to go away for school far more than we ever did. Your comment on Lakeland/CSU, Ohio publics, JCU/BW is perfect. That was my family - middle class and the colleges you listed. So many more from our class ended up at those schools than today.

Funny thing about your comment on colleges is that parents fail to realize that most kids get into most colleges. If you're not applying to some elite school, they'll gladly take most parents' money for 4 years. Scholarships are better with improved grades and test scores - but for the middling 3.2 GPA/23 ACT kid, you're getting into almost every school you're applying because they want a paying customer of $80k-$100k over 4 years.
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