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Originally Posted by hoban2020 View Post
Thatís just Willoughby, Painesville, Willowick and Eastlake ... Iíd say thatís not minor. Though now a Hoban parent, I attended Lake way back in the day. My grade school 8th grade class had 90+ kids - divided between Lake, Joeís, NDA and publicís - probably 30+ who attended Lake. That grade school is now closed ... demographics of a community and the general change in western Lake County in the last generation plus.

Top players who came from those schools - Joe Jurevicius (SJM, no?), Rick Trefzger (OLMC), Sullivan brothers (also SJM ???) - my memory is challenging me.

The perception from outside the area is that the quality of the education isnít what it used to be - and thatís kind of shown in the state test scores. Others have posted the link in the past. Surely not worth $10k, when parents also have other good options for Catholic HS education in the area at NDCL, Gilmour, Iggy etc and better publics. The $40k over 4 years is a lot of money.

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-Eastlake made the playoffs for the first time. Hopefully they can maintain a playoff tradition.

-Willoughby is booming with millenials. I see more tax dollars going to the school systems. This could be a problem for Lake Catholic.

-Catholic grade schools are struggling. I really think the recession and poor leadership by the Diocese of Cleveland and the pastors are the reason for the decline.

-Lake Catholic lost a lot of kids to VASJ and NDCL. Sal was the reason for this. With him being gone, the Lake Catholic alumni can unite the alumni, bring coaches back, and bring back that competitive attitude on the field and in the classroom.
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