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Those aren't excuses. They are reality. Just like Lake used to be D1 in the early 1980s and had 300-plus per class. But things change and LC settled into about 200 per class for the better part of two decades. But then things change again.

I have no doubt that Sal contributed to the issues, but it's naive to think there aren't larger issues at play.

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Nice excuse, but Sal is the reason Lake Catholic has had recent issues. Everywhere he goes, he is the problem. You have numerous people on here that have strong affiliations with their schools (Chanel, Benny, and Lake Catholic) and they are all saying the same thing. He was one of the main reasons Chanel closed it's doors, he almost closed the doors of Benedictine, and he has caused some serious issues at Lake Catholic. Lake Catholic will rebound (they are starting to), but it will need to take baby steps.

I have to give kudos to Lake Catholic finally having enough of his stupidity and arrogance. If you remember watching Taz on TV, think of him spinning around like a tornado causing complete destruction. Any male who defends this guy should be drinking wine coolers.
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