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Originally Posted by bb9 View Post
Yes, the horse collar rule is very specific. The runner actually has to be tackled and he has to come down backward. The tell tale sign of a horse collar is seeing the knees buckle. Remember, it has to be a tackle. Just grabbing it doesn't mean it's a horse collar. Also, it has to be by the equipment, not the jersey.

Yes, 5 yard and 15 yard facemask still exist in high school.
REALLY ????? there was an obvious tackle by Wayne against Centerville this past Friday. The call was Horse Collar.... Directly in front of the chain gang couple yards away from that side judge, a hand full of jersey !!!! No equipment !!! and as the tackler had the back of the jersey, that side judge was already reaching for his flag.

WOW !!! thanks for the clarification !!!!
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