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Originally Posted by GclKing View Post
I heard that Fenwickís new coach is a mastermind with the passing game. Fenwick has seemed to be working away from the wing t ever since the run they made in 2015. Maybe itís coaching or maybe itís personal. If Fenwick has the personal for the spread, pass like crazy offense which Iím not sure that they do they could compete for the gcl north title and maybe make a run. Obviously like every year it seems like in the gcl itís Alters title to lose and should be the favorite again. I see Fenwick being right behind Alter with Mcnick and Badin just like every year. Does CJ have a lot coming back from last years team if so they will be right up there towards the top.
Dont want to take anything away from Coach Haverkamp because he is a good coach, but I would go a little easy with the mastermind title. X has a systematic approach to what they do and it is tailored to the talent that they have at the current time. You have to look at what he had to work with at QB at X. Shaun Clifford, 3 year starter currently at Penn State, followed by Chase Wolf D1 committment to Wisconson. you dont get QBs like that everywhere you go. The passing game will only be as good as the QB that he has to work with allows. I highly doubt that fenwick has a QB the caliber of those two guys just sitting around, but I guess we will see.
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