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Originally Posted by Mr. Slippery View Post
I'm pretty sure none of those weeks 6-8 are actually open for Walsh, NDCL, Lake Catholic, and Hoban. All 4 schools are in the NCL Blue Division along with Padua and Benedictine, so weeks 6-10 are league games for them. It's a good bet that Walsh is playing Lake Catholic week 6, Hoban is playing Lake Catholic week 7, and Walsh is playing NDCL week 8.
I agree. Other possibiities, although probably not favorable, but at this point the options are thin. A few DII & DIII schools Louisville could potentially play during those weeks:

Cleveland John Adams
Cleveland Central Catholic
Cleveland John F. Kennedy
Columbus Bishop Watterson
Columbus Desales

There are a few more Cleveland schools, however not sure how attractive or appealing playing a Cleveland Collingwood or Cleveland East Technical team would fly in the Ville. A couple of Toledo and Dayton schools but positive our adminstration did/would avoid long travel situations. I'm thinking one of the schools I mentioned could end up on the schedule. Desire and wishful thinking are out of the question now if indeed these weeks are still actively being pursued. The Leps find themselves in desperation mode unless they have secretly, as suggested previously, already completed the schedule.
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