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The whole midget/pee wee football thing has been discussed to death. There is no correlation with varsity success or failure, varsity coaches are the reason varsity teams win or lose. And the quality of athletes at the school probably have a bigger hand in the success, too.
St. Marys Memorial has had midget football for many years. Their varsity success ebbed and flowed with the change of head coaches. Skip Baughman had great success despite having midget football.
Delphos has had midget football for many years. DSJ's success only came after we hired a good varsity coach. We had midget football during our 57 game winning streak and during the time we won six state titles.
There are undoubtedly numerous towns across Ohio with no midget football and no varsity success.
It's not as big an issue as many try to make it out to be.
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