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Originally Posted by thavoice View Post
I've seen Utah grade such plays as you describe.

I always laugh at thos who push pre JH football. Ourcounties 23 state titles by teams who start football in 7th grade trumps the 0 by those schools who start at the youth level.
I understand what your saying but have your son grow up around a big town where mostly everyone who is going to play Jr high football plays pee wee football. He better be one hell of a stud to come out for 7th grade football and everyone else has been playing for 4, 5 or 6 years. I've seen it happen and the kids are shell shocked when the hitting starts. I didn't let my son start until 3rd grade and he still had a couple of weeks to get use to the hitting. Who are the teams that start pee wee first in god's country? Also who are the teams in your division that have pee wee football that you have beat going for those state titles? I know kirtland has pee wee football so that's working for them right? I
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